My first blog post….thanks to #ETMOOC!

As the title of this post suggests, I am participating in #ETMOOC, which is a massive open online course about educational technology and media.  I don’t even remember when I signed up, but received an introductory email a few weeks ago.  At first I thought….oh no, what I did I sign up for!  I’m not sure what to expect, but my goals for this course are:

  • Start a blog(I can check that one off the list!)  I have always planned on starting a blog for a few reasons – 1)I find that writing/typing my thoughts and ideas helps me a ton.  It helps me  process and reflect on what I have done/learned.  So much can be learned in reflection!  2)Share what I have learned – hopefully someone will find it useful.
  •    Connect and learn how others are learning/instructing using technology.  For as much as I feel I know, there is still so much I don’t know and it’s way more fun to learn with others.
  •    Learn some tools more deeply.  I have a working knowledge of many tools, but often don’t take the time to really explore deeply what they can do.

What have I learned so far…..that for now the hardest part about setting up the blog was the naming and designing it!

Looking forward to the next ten weeks…………………………

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About Stacy Olson

I work in technology integration at an educational service cooperative in west central MN. Previously I taught 3rd and 4th Grade in MN and CO, but call North Dakota my home(born and raised;) Love learning about how learning can be enhanced through technology - not really sure what am I doing some of the time, but that's usually when I learn the most!

7 responses to “My first blog post….thanks to #ETMOOC!

  1. Congratulations on your first post. I know that many get stuck when it comes to the title, tag line and appearance of their blog when they are starting. I’m glad you figured it out and I love the title you chose.

  2. Hi Stacy.
    I like your Goal #3 “Learn some tools more deeply. I have a working knowledge of many tools, but often don’t take the time to really explore deeply what they can do.”
    In my position, I am exploring many strategies and technologies and tools to assist students in many different classrooms. I want to be able to have a good general sense of what is out there, so that when a classroom teacher comes to me about a student or group in their class, I know where to steer them. Very rarely however, do I investigate something more deeply so that I can utilize it more fully with a group of students with whom I am working. I’ve chosen old school Kurzweil to start with, as I have a student that can really benefit from it’s capabilities. I wonder if there is anything newer that can accomplish the same thing?
    It’ll be good to be on this journey with others such as yourself.

    • Melissa,
      Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you have a position somewhat similar to mine. It can be struggle, because of the need to know “a mile wide” of tools to be able to assist a wide variety of teachers/subject areas, but also the urge to know more deeply what everything can do. I think this whole experience has the potential to be great – especially the ability to connect with people like you!

  3. I like your blog title!
    I also have the same goals, my main struggle is not to get overwhelmed by everything and to explore all the options we have as teachers.

  4. Glad to be a part of the village. I’m getting back into blogging. It just needs to become a habit.

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